Our Holiday Cleaning Do's and Don'ts

The holidays are one of our favorite times here at Omega Commercial Cleaning. In our own homes one of our favorite things to do is fall cleaning, usually it means we get to decorate afterward. Whether you decide to get professional cleaners or do it yourself, we have some helpful Do's and Don'ts that will help you clean any time of year.

The holiday season is coming fast and we don't want you to spend all of that time cleaning. These tips, we use at Omega Commercial Cleaning help us get our cleaning done in a timely manner and done right the first time.

Do: Take on 1 area at a time

Picking a small area to focus on first helps to not get overwhelmed. The holidays can be stressful enough, so why make cleaning for them even more of a hassle. Choose a closet, the bathroom, the kitchen or the guest room; do not jump around, do not move away from that one task, do not pass go or collect $200.

Organizing your cleaning by task and not by how long you will clean, will give you a sense of accomplishment because you will be able to see what you completed. "I learned this the hard way. One day I decided to clean for 6 hours without focusing on little tasks and moving on once I was done. I ended up not completing a single room in that amount of time, which left me kind of speechless because I had been cleaning for so long." says Kelly McGrath, our HR Administrator at Omega Commercial Cleaning.

She explained to me her frustration about not being able to show the progress she had made because she jumped from task to task. This is why I think it is important to stress to take on 1 area at a time.

Don't: Clean from the bottom to the top

When you start with areas like the floor, toilet or the lower cabinets, you will most likely have to go over those areas again. When you start at the top you are bring the dirt, dust and germs down. Moving from top to bottom will make your cleaning more efficient and help you save precious time.

Start with the door frames, the tops of appliances, the tops of cabinets and don't forget the pesky windowsills. Move to the next layer, wiping the faces of the appliances, cabinets, and then the countertops. Floors are always the last things to do, sweep or vacuum and then mop.

Do: Use furniture polish sparingly

While furniture polish gives your wood a nice glow, too many coats of polish can make your furniture dust magnets. Use a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer duster to keep the dust under control, and keep the polishing to only a few times a year.

If you have already put those coats of polish down, you should think about whipping your furniture down with an orange-oil cleanser. It will help remove the multiple layers of dusty polish and refresh your furniture.

Don't: Forget the small things

Make sure you are hitting those easy to miss areas, windowsills, corners of the floor, baseboards and light switches. Some of these areas you actually end up touching a lot through out the day, door handles and light switched are one of the dirtiest areas in your home. You don't have to wash your baseboards every week but make sure you are wiping down the most used areas every time.

I know it seems tedious, but it means the difference between straightening up and deep cleaning; and also keeps your family from getting sick by removing germs.

Here is a quick list of what not to use on certain surfaces, stains and materials.

1. Do not use bleach to clean rust: Make sure to use a formulated rust remover, bleach will actually set the rust stain and make it harder to clean after trying bleach.

2. Do use a specific carpet cleaner to clean stains out of the carpet. You may think it is good idea to use laundry stain remover but it leaves a residue that becomes sticky. Laundry remover helps to pull out the stain but needs to be washed out itself.

3. Do not mix Ammonia and Bleach, the two chemicals produce a chloramine, which is a toxic gas. This gas can easily lead to your lungs, throat and eyes burning; which means you should seek medical attention.

4. Do not use acidic liquid on stone counters, it can damage materials like granite. Use a mild stone cleaner instead.

We would love to help you with your cleaning needs by tips and tricks or having us come clean your home. Make sure you sign up to our email list, send us and email or give us a call.


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